EVENT: Gaea: A Garden of the 2nd and 3rd Dimensions Exhibition - Mika, New York, United States
ROLE: Curator
●  Creative Director: Luisa Charles
●  Curators: Cheska Lotherington, Amruta Supate, Angela Dall'Acqua, Kevin Lee
●  Spacial & Interaction Design: Angela Dall'Acqua, Stephanie Halim, Hillary Law
●  Graphics, Branding & Communication: Raphaël Smith, Joe Hoole, Yushu Yang, Amruta Supate, Kim Anh
G:A GOT 2&3D is an immersive exhibition at the intersections of art, science, and technology. It explores technoethics in new media and the nature of artificial intelligence through the lens of a liminal garden. The space explores the areas in between the digital and physical worlds, natural and artificial spaces, and dystopia and utopia.
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